Patch Notes Update - New Item, Bracelets Rework, Class Balance

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Patch Notes Update - New Item, Bracelets Rework, Class Balance

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Update (1st of October, 2021)

Hello everyone,

We will quickly turn off the server for a 15-20 minutes maintenance today to implement this week's update. As mentioned before, there are several unique additions that we are currently working on to make the server more fascinating than your usual 2008 server copy, but it's going to be a relatively slow process as we want to see players grow and experiment with each possible change. As of today, we're planning on doing weekly updates. These updates should include some reworks, new unique missions 2008 style, new unique items 2008 style, class buffs and balance changes. We are hoping these changes will bring you a unique yet classic experience on the server. To cut to the chase, for today's week we have:

I. This Week’s New Item(s):
Grapes of Wrath
Daemonic grapes that absorb the magic of the Earth to replenish the confidence of young warriors. It increases your rank by 300 points.
Where can you drop it?:
 Map1 and Map2 mini-bosses. (I. Scrofa, Lykos, Tigris, Bera. II. Chuong, Goo-Pae, Bo, Mahon)
 Chief Orc and Nine Tails Chests.
 Itemshop.

Grim Reaper Bell
Level 45, droppable like any other level 45 weapon. Since the original Metin2 created by Ymir didn't have a level 45 bell, we have decided to add one.

II. New Mission Added: ”Sow the Wind & Reap the Whirlwind”.
Available from Level 24 and provided by Baek-Go.

III. Accessories Update I
We have reached the conclusion that certain early game equipment does not have effective bonuses and the lack of variety resulted in players always wearing the same items no matter their level (i.e. Silver Bracelet). Therefore, we will slowly rework all the worn-out accessories, starting with Bracelets.

 Wood Bracelet: It now grants base HP instead of Stamina (380 at +9).
 Copper Bracelet: It now grants Critical Strike Chance instead of Max. SP (6% at +9).
 Pearl Bracelet (Lv. 38): It now grants Penetration instead of Max. SP (10% at +9). Attack Speed increased from 7% to 12% at +9.
 Crystal Bracelet (Lv. 46): It now grants Chance to block an attack AND Defense instead of HP Regeneration. (6% Chance to block an attack and 18 Defense at +9)
 Amethyst Bracelet (Lv. 50): It now grants Attack Damage and DEX instead of SP Regeneration. (32 Attack Damage at +9 and 7 DEX).

 Golden Bracelet: Poison Resistance Increased at all levels. (15% at +9 instead of 10%)
 Jade Bracelet: SP Recover increased at all levels. (10% at +9 instead of 5%). Attack Speed is also increased at all levels. (10% at +9 instead of 7%)
 Ebony Bracelet: Attack Speed increased at all levels. (12% at +9 instead of 7%)

 White Gold Bracelet (Lv. 42): HP reduced from 1800 to 1600 at +9.

Daggers and Bells Weapons Buffs

Shamans and Ninjas have always struggled in the PvM world; therefore, we are buffing the level 1 to 60 weapons so they can have a slightly easier early game.

Ninja Daggers: Attack Damage increased by 20-50 (depending on level) for all daggers between level 1 and level 60.
Shaman Bells: Attack Damage and Magic Damage increased by 15-25 (depending on level) for all bells between level 10 and level 60.
New item: Grim Reaper Bell (Level 45 Bell) balanced accordingly.

IV. Miscellaneous:

• Channel Switcher implemented. You can now change channels directly ingame.

V. Bug Fixes:

• The issue concerning Ninjas getting kicked when attacking monsters has been fixed.

That is all for now. We are expecting feedback on the changes and we hope you enjoy the novel implementation of these new bracelets. Make the best of every bonus.

All the best,
Metin2 Ireland Team.
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